Friday, April 1, 2011


OK so maybe 90% of you know "hunggan."  However....let's have some fun with it.

Sloppy Chamorro drops the "h" and comes out "unggan."  You normally can't say that to an elder.

Even more casual is "hu'u" or "hu'o."  Telling that to an elder results in a patmåda.  What's that?  Red cheeks (hint, hint).

The traditional way to say "yes" to an elder or someone of high status is :

"Si señot", or just plain "señot" to a man;

"Si señora," or just plain "señora" to a woman.

I remember when I was a young priest, 28 years old, having conversations like this in Malesso' or Humåtak :

Påle' : Kao sumåsåga hao Malesso'?
Palao'an : Señot.
Påle' : Kao humohosme hao Misa?
Palao'an : Señot.

Of course you could keep it "hunggan" and still be respectful by adding "asaina" or "saina-ho" to it.  "Asaina" or "Saina" can mean "lord, master, mistress" but it generally means anyone higher in status than you.

But your buddy down at work can be answered with a quick "hu'u!"

Or........."u!"     Or......"mmmmm!"

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