Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Señot Peter Onedera
Professor Peter Onedera at UOG wrote an article in today's PDN echoing his own personal recollections of a "Chamorro" Lent in his childhood, inspired by a letter I wrote about Lent as practiced on Guam before the war.  He was kind in mentioning this in his article, which you can read here :


Over at Hurao Academy, Anna Marie Arceo, founder of that Academy and Chamorro language teacher and promoter, wrote me the following about this blog :

"Para bai hu na'tungo' hå' håo na in gef supotte iyo-mu 'blog'.  In na'tutungo' todu i estudiånte yan mañainan Huråo para u ma usa para u fanestudia mås put Chamoru."

("I wanted to let you know that we really support your blog.  We let the students and parents at Hurao know to use the blog to study Chamorro more.")

Anna Marie, ti hu sodda' i litratu-mo guine gi internet!  Dispensa!

Also....from California....a good friend and blog fan wrote me saying, "I'm finding my Stateside born husband is venturing more and more into our language using words learned from your site. We really enjoy the Chamorro lessons."

Si Yu'us ma åse' Peter, Anna Marie yan todos hamyo ni tumataitai i blog pot i suppottasion-miyo!

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