Tuesday, August 9, 2011


TULAIKA : change

Tulaika ennao!  Change that!

Kao siña un tulaika i progråma?  Can you change the program (or channel, or show)?

Ti siña ma tulaika.  He, she, it cannot be changed.

Kao guåha tulaika-mo?  Do you have change?

Tulaikaye.  To change for, on behalf of someone.

Tulaikaye yo' fan salape'-ho.  Change my money, please.

Tulaikayon.  Alterable; able to be changed.

Ti tulaikayon i Dies na Tinago' Yu'us.  The Ten Commandments are unalterable.

Tinilaika.  Change.

Gof dångkulo na tinilaika hu lili'e giya hågo.  I see great change in you.

Comes from the Spanish word trueca, which means "change."  Our mañaina a hard time with "r" and preferred the "l" (e.g. guitarra becomes gitåla).

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