Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Kuånto biåhe ha sangåne yo' si bihå-ho pat i tiå-ho siha : Imbilikero!

Naturåt, no, i famagu'on para u fan imbilikero?

I patgon : "Nåna, håfa ennao un tataitai?"
Si nåna : "Imbilikeru-mo!"

Imbilikero is an example of a Spanish word used in Chamorro that is hardly ever used by the Spaniards themselves. 

The root word in Spanish is embeleco, which can mean "fraud, delusion, imposition, humbug."  It can be used as a slang word for someone irritating.

Different Spanish-speaking countries use embelequero to mean different things.  In Chile and Puerto Rico, it means "frivolous, silly."

In other places, it can mean "overly emotional, fussy."

Somehow, our mañaina gave the word their own meaning : nosey, intrusively curious.

My great-grandmother (born 1874) could not speak English, except for a few words (yes, no, etc.) which included a response she gave her grand kids (who told me this story) when they were acting imbilikero.  She would snap back "Marrón bisnes!"  Which meant, "Mind your own business!"

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