Monday, August 8, 2011


Sixty-seven years ago today, American soldiers stumbled upon dozens of dead bodies, many of them beheaded.  They turned out to be Chamorro civilians.  The massacre, in an area of Yigo called Chagui'an, certainly happened days before August 8, but this was the day the gruesome event was discovered.  They were mainly young people, and families knew that some of their members were missing, having been called by the Japanese to work on military projects, never to be seen again.

The Americans, as you know, entered the island from the southwest (Asan and Agat) and pushed north through Nimitz Hill (Libugon/Fonte Plateau).  So by early August, most of the action was in the Yigo area, where Chagui'an is.

But identifying these victims has been very difficult.  But some local officials are trying their best to put more pieces of the puzzle together.  One of them is Yigo mayor Robert Lizama, whom I interviewed in this video clip.

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