Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Gaige i piniten nåna, an hu chochopchop sisu-ña;
siempre guå'o u pinitiye, sa' guåho finañagu-ña.

There is a mother's pain, when I suckle at her breast;
naturally she will be in pain over me, for it was she who gave me birth.

The mother-child bond is universally sacred.  This verse points to more than the just the bond when the child is still young, nursing at her breast.  She - the mother - will always suffer when her child is in trouble, even if the "child" is 30 years old. 

In the first line, the verse admits that it is the child who inflicts pain on the mother when the child suckles; and the child will be the cause of even more pain for the mother when the child is an adult.  But the second line justifies this; the mother willingly endures the pain because, after all, she gave the child life and her life is intimately connected with the child's.

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