Monday, August 29, 2011

In 1876, the Gobernadorcillo (mayor) of Malesso' (Merizo), Luis Sablan, resigned due to poor health.  A successor was needed and three names were proposed for the Governor's selection.

Arcadio de los Santos, a Filipino but Guam resident, married to a Chamorro, received the most votes from Malesso's political elite, the principalia, made up of former and current village officials.

In second place came Pedro de Guzman, born in Hagåtña and immigrant to Malesso'.

In last place came someone with original roots in Malesso', Domingo Babauta.

The Governor of the Marianas, Manuel Brabo, chose Guzman over Santos because at the time there were many Filipino convicts deported to Guam and many of them would escape into the hills.  Village officials, like a gobernadorcillo, would be tasked at times to help in the search.  Brabo may have thought that Santos, a Filipino, would go soft on his fellow countrymen turned fugitives.

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