Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Japanese Caves in Matåguak, Yigo

I discovered the Peace Memorial in Matåguak, Yigo back in the 1980s.  But it started in 1966 as the brain child of the late Monsignor Oscar L. Calvo and interested Japanese parties.  The site was the last headquarters of the Japanese during the American re-occupation of Guam in July/August of 1944. 

After the battle here, there was no organized Japanese resistance to the Americans.  But Japanese soldiers did flee into the jungles and shoot at Americans all the way till December of 1944.  Besides this, some remained in the jungles for a very long time, the last being Shoichi Yokoi who was discovered in 1972.

Back in the 80s, I went down into the valley next to the Memorial and saw a thick bone sticking out of the soil.  It looked human to me.  But who knows?  In the video I mention "cartilage."  I meant "bone marrow."

There used to be a Buddhist priest living on the premises.  He used to say he would see soldiers in full battle gear at night.  I don't remember if he said they looked American or Japanese.

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