Friday, August 26, 2011


Torrey Smith runs when the earth starts to shake

LINAO : earthquake

With the (for us on Guam) average-strength earthquake recently hitting the Eastern coast of the U.S., linao might be a relevant word to learn today.

I feel sorry for all the people we're going to ridicule now for reacting on video so frantically to the earthquake, as in the case of athlete Torrey Smith.  People like him are going to be all over the internet now, while millions laugh and chuckle.  As someone pointed out, Smith was probably in the safest place to be in an earthquake : an open field where trees, power lines and buildings cannot topple on him.  Where was he running off to?  Into a building?

We get linao all the time on Guam, but most of the time so lightly that they go unnoticed.  But we sit in a very active and potentially dangerous seismic zone, so we better pray hard and learn the right things to do annai ma yengyong i tano'

For safety tips :

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