Saturday, August 13, 2011


Låñan Niyok / Coconut Oil
from Saipan

Coconut oil figured much more in daily life years ago.  Our mañaina made their own låñan niyok; they never had to buy it.  It's important that, when making it, enough time is given to boil it so that all the water evaporates and all impurities are strained out.  Otherwise, the oil becomes rancid in a few months. 

Yanggen ti nahong maså-ña, u gagai hanom i låña, ya tåya' tres meses esta mutung, ya siempre sumåga i applacha'-ña gi san papa'.

Lånan niyok had the following uses :

1. To fry with, and for other cooking uses.

2. As a lotion when massaging someone.

3. For oil lamps. 

3. To relieve certain ailments, especially those associated with stomach problems (putin tuyan).

Some people would warm the lånan niyok and rub it on the person's stomach and apply pupulu leaves on the tummy. 

Another treatment was to take a coconut shell (ha'iguas), take off all the fiber, shave the shell a little and mix the powder from the shavings with lånan niyok and put it in the navel of the child with a tummy ache.  Some people called this "ma buga."

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