Friday, August 26, 2011


My grandmother's sister taught me to say this prayer, in Spanish, every time the earth shook (linao).  She learned it from her mother, born in Hagåtña in 1874.

Aplaca, Señor, tu ira, por tu justicia y tu rigor;
dulce nombre de María; ¡misericordia, Señor!
Jesús, José y María, Joaquín y Ana,
no me desamparen, ni de noche, ni de día.

(Placate, Lord, your anger, because of your justice and rigor;
sweet name of Mary; mercy, Lord!
Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Joachim and Anne,
do not abandon me, neither in the night nor in the day.)
Esta oración me enseñó la hermana de mi abuelita para rezar cuando haya terremoto.

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