Monday, August 22, 2011


No - it's not just the food that makes me like my island.  It's the fact that our people support each other with great generosity.  We had a death anniversary in our religious family and, each night of the rosary, people came forward with overwhelming abundance in supplying the refreshments after the rosary :

Biringhenas - Salad - Gollai Hågon Suni - Corn Soup in pastry cups - Potato Salad - Fruits - Buñuelos - Madoya - Cookies - Poto - Latiya - Donuts - Cakes - Lumpia - Tamåles Gisu - Pancit - Kelaguen Månnok - Ham Hocks and Monggos - Corn on the Cob - Fried Chicken - Kåddun Ham Hocks - BBQ ribs - Bread - Titiyas Arina - Titiyas Mai'es - Vegetable Soup - Hineksa - Hineksa Agaga' (Balensiåna) - Åhu

We have in our blood this drive to go all out when people need to be fed. 

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