Saturday, August 11, 2012


TALO'ÅNE : midday, noon

På'go gi talo'åne.  Today at noon.

Gi a las kuåttro gi despues de talo'åne.  At four o'clock in the afternoon.

Tumalo'åne.  To arrive at midday.

Na' talo'åne.  Noon meal.

I have found that the man åmko' are pretty definite about talo'åne being dead-on twelve noon, when reckoning exact time.

11:45AM is still gi ega'an (in the morning).

12:15PM is gi despues de talo'åne (in the after noon).


I have heard many times people refer to the time around noon, in a general way, as still being talo'åne.

For example, when a person speaks in public and says,

"Man gaige hit på'go na talo'åne..."  "We are gathered this mid-day..."  and it doesn't have to be 12 noon on the dot.

I've heard people refer to the day as being talo'åne and it was 1 or 2PM, or even 11AM.

People will differ about this.

Literal Meaning

Talo' = the middle

Ha'åne = day

TALO' + ÅNE = "mid day"

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