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Patroness of Hågat

The parish of Santa Rosa in Hågat has been around for almost 340 years, since 1680. That's a long time. How old is this Chamorro hymn to this saint? Certainly over 100 years old, but it may go back even further. The Chamorro in this hymn is certainly very old, with some words that are hardly used anymore.

Santa Rosa, bithen Yu'us, todos ham in kantåye hao;
(Saint Rose, virgin of God, all of us sing to you;)

Refrain : Santa Rosa tayuyute hame ni fumalåggue hao.
(Saint Rose pray for us who run to you.)

1. Sumen magof i Saina-ta annai ha na' ha'åne hao,
(Our Lord was very happy when He gave life to you,)
lao maokte minagof-ña an monhan matakpånge hao.
(but firmer still was His joy after you were baptized.)
Ayo annai i grasiå-ña misen ha na' hinatme hao.
(When His grace entered you abundantly.)

2. Annai tres pulan maloffan håhanon ginefli'e' hao,
(When three months passed you were burning with love,)
mama' rosa i matå-mo gi fanåsson nai gaige hao. (1)
(your face changed into a rose in your repose where you were.)
Ya ma yå'ho hao as Rosa sa' sen rosa na flores hao.
(And they called you Rose because you a truly a rose flower.)

3. Annai kakaiha' lamoddong si Jesus umagånge hao,
(When you had barely grown Jesus called to you,)
ya ilek-ña, "Uho, Rosa, un aniyo hu nå'e hao. (2)
(and He said, "Take, Rose, a ring I give you.)
Na finattan i guinaiya, nai guåho hu gofli'e' hao."
(A show of love, that I love you.")

4. An mahatot chiniot-mo si Jesus finatoigue hao,
(When your suffering worsened, Jesus came to you,)
man sen mames na finiho ekkahat sinangåne hao.
(and spoke gently to you very sweet words.)
Finakpon-ña gi kanai-ña ha na' åsson yan ha konne' hao.
(In the end He took you to lie in His arms.)

5. Hågo agaga' na rosas yan sen tomtom bithen taotao.
(You are red roses and a very wise virgin person.)
I sensen-mo sensen tåno' lao magåhet na ånghet hao.
(Your flesh is the flesh of the world but you are truly an angel.)
I tutuhon-ña nai monhan si Yu'us ha na' sahnge hao. (3)
(The beginning now finished, God set you apart.)

6. Tåtan långet un ma tuna sa' Yu'us mina'åse' hao.
(Heavenly Father, you are praised because you are the God of mercy.)
Jesukristo un ma tuna sa' mama' che'lon-måme hao.
(Jesus Christ, you are praised, because you were made our brother.)
O Espiritun minaolek siempre un matuna hao.
(Oh Spirit of goodness, you will always be praised.)


(1) The story is that her face transformed into a rose when she was newly born, so she was called Rose on account of that. She was a very beautiful woman.

(2) Rosa refused to marry any man, out of her devotion to love and serve Christ alone. He, in turn, appeared to her and offered her a ring in spiritual union.

(3) Rosa did many severe penances. Jesus came to her and gave her comfort.

Another recording of this same hymn :

The Peruvian Connection

Santa Rosa was a native of Lima, Peru, which was then part of the vast Spanish Empire.

Many of us think that when Spain ruled the Marianas, all the Spaniards were from Spain.  Not true.  Sometimes you could count on the fingers of one hand those in the Marianas who were born in Spain.  Even many of the priests were natives of Belgium or Italy or Austria.

One of the earliest governors of Guam, Damian de Esplaña, was a native of Peru.  So was Governor Juan Antonio Pimentel (1709-1720). 

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