Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Calvo-Palomo Write-In Rubber Stamp

The 1974 Republican primary was a hotly contested race.  The sitting Governor, Republican Carlos Garcia Camacho, Guam's first elected governor, was being challenged in his own party by Paul McDonald Calvo, prominent businessman and senator.  Calvo's running mate was another GOP senator, Antonio Manibusan Palomo.  In the primary election, Camacho won by only 261 votes.

Spurred on by his supporters and the close results, Calvo launched a Write-In campaign for the General Election.  Voters could write in Calvo's name by hand, or use rubber stamps, like the one pictured above, on the ballot.  Due to the Republican split, Democrat Ricardo Jerome Bordallo went on to win the governor's seat in 1974.

I remember this split well.  It affected my family, but not too badly.  Family members did debate the topic, but at least they were talking to each other.  I was just 12 years old at the time, but very keen on listening to all that was being said.

Paul M. Calvo
when he was Governor of Guam
(notice that Reagan was U.S. president at the time)


Antonio M. Palomo
in a more recent photo with Palomo as a member of the Guam Museum board
(Palomo moved from active politics to becoming a Guam historian)

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