Wednesday, August 29, 2012


During his term as Governor of Guam between 1918 and 1920,  William Gilmer issued the following law on Guam :

Executive Special Order No. 52

The practice of whistling is an entirely unnecessary and irritating noise which must be discontinued.

It is therefore ordered and decreed that no person shall whistle within the limits of the city of Agana.

The penalty for a violation of this order shall an executive fine not to exceed five dollars.

Apparently, one could whistle all day long in Yigo, or Talofofo or Sumay.  But not in Hagåtña.

The Order was soon rescinded; Gilmer was relieved of his duty.  Gilmer left the Navy completely.  Even the New York Times called him "the Governor...who barred whistling."

By the way....

How do you say "whistle" in Chamorro?


"Whistle while you work!"
"Chefla mientras machocho'cho' hao!"

(except in Hagåtña in 1920)

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