Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tumotohge i kato!

TOHGE : to stand

Tohge!  Stand! (When telling one or two people)

Fanohge!  Stand! (When telling three or more people)

Ti siña yo' tumohge.  I cannot stand.

Na' fanohge siha.  Make them stand up.

Mungnga tumohge gi hilo' i kattre.  Don't stand on top of the bed.

An aside or two

***Tohge is not used the way we use "stand" in English for something bearable or unbearable, as in "I can't stand it."

***The first stanza of the Guam Hymn is well-known and starts with the plural, third person imperative :

Fanohge Chamorro pot i tano'-ta
kanta i matunå-ña gi todo i lugåt.
Para i onra, para i gloria,
abiba i isla sin paråt.

(Stand Chamorros for our land,
sing her praises in every place.
For her honor, for her glory,
extoll the island without ceasing.)

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