Monday, February 6, 2012

Georg Fritz, the German District Chief of the Marianas, speaks about Luta (Rota) and the rivalry he found there between two high-placed widows.

One was Maria Mangloña, whom he says is the widow of the "king."  There was no king, of course, so he must be speaking of a past mayor or local official.  Whatever his position, it was enough to build for himself and his wife a solid house of stone, with a wooden veranda.  It must have been two storeys high, since there was staircase on the side.  Maria, Fritz said, had rings on her fingers.  But the house was not the best kept, and dogs, chickens and pigs were surprised when Fritz would not allow them to enter the house.  Fritz rented the house from Mangloña while he was in Luta.

There are two Maria Mangloñas in the 1897 Census, but one stands out.  She is a widow, aged 56 years.  She lives alone.  And she is called Doña, or "Lady," a title of respect.

Her rival was Maria Gogue, whom Fritz said was "beautiful."  She appears in the 1897 Census, at age 31, much younger than her supposed enemy.  She had been the wife of Jose Barcinas, now deceased.

The fight seems to have been about land.  Fritz gave both women equal amounts of the land, less than what they were claiming.  And both seemed happy with the decision.

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  1. Hello Pale' Rick. My names Vernon Lee Manglona and I'm from Rota. Although my great great great grandmother was named Maria Manglona who was married to Don Braulio Manglona, I know that the woman you stated above was not her. I have been trying to identify that particular woman for years. If you have any luck I would really appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks.

    Now Maria Gogue I'm familiar with. She was a sister of my great great grandmother Ana Rivera Gogue (wife of Pedro Taimanao Manglona) which if I'm not mistaken you know about. Maria's son Antonio Gogue Barcinas married Antonia Taitano Blanco and their descendants are the Barcinas' in Rota (some have relocated to Tinian and Saipan).