Saturday, February 18, 2012

GUSSE' : hurry, rush, speedily, quick, fast, immediate, prompt

There is a difference in nuance between chaddek and gusse'.

Chaddek means fast, speedy, quick in the actual movement.  Gusse' means fast in the timing of the action.

One can be late to a meeting and be running quickly to arrive (chaddek), but not be gusse' in making it to the meeting.

Remember to pronounce this in the Chamorro way, not in the English way.  U in Chamorro (as in Spanish) sounds like "oo"  in English.

Gusse' ya un falak i eskuela.  Hurry and go to school.

Gusse' nai ya un fåtto mågi.  Hurry then and come here.

Gusse'!  Hurry!

La gusse'!  Hurry up even more!

Lakse'.  A contraction of la gusse'.

Gusse' ånglo'.  Quick to dry.

Gusse' manhasso.  Quick-minded.

Gussie'.  To be quick for something.

Hu gussie' chumo'gue.  I did it promptly.

Ginisse'.  Promptness.

Ma guaiya si fulåno sa' pot i ginisse'-ña.  So-and-so is liked for his promptness.

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