Thursday, February 9, 2012


Tåya' higadu-ña.

(Literally : S/He has no liver.)

It's not just the Chinese who believe that different organs are associated with different emotions.  Our mañaina also believed that the liver (higado) is the seat of anger.  So, when our mañaina said that someone had no liver, they were metaphorically speaking of that person's inability to get angry.

Un tungo' si Fulåno?  Tåya' higadu-ña!  Puru ha' para u chåchålek.  Ti ha tungo' lalålo!  Tåya' lalaet-ña!

Do you know so-and-so?  He has no liver!  He's all for laughing.  He doesn't know how to be angry!  He has no bitterness.

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