Sunday, February 26, 2012


What's that naughty little glota ( ' ) doing there?

Putting the glota ( ' ) all over the place sure makes things look more Chamorro, doesn't it?  But the glota has an actual orthographical function.  Properly placed, it informs the speaker to close the back of the throat sharply (a glottal stop).  One can only do this after a vowel.  Glotas after consonants (as in the sign above) are a mistake, then.  Try closing the back of your throat after making the L sound.  See?  Not that easy, no?  Sa' lache ennao, nai!

Now here, we see that the glota has indeed been properly placed.  One does, in fact, close the back of the throat sharply after the AO sound, which is formed by vowels.

Score 1 for the famalao'an, 0 for the "lal' ahi" - I mean lalåhe.

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  1. Ai adai, lachi i inayao-ña i palabra "lalahi". Kalan ti taotao Chomaru i tinige' "lal'ahi". Hu chalek!