Monday, February 20, 2012


Well, 18 of you voted.  More of you could have.  But, here are the results.

72% of you would have saved your CHILD if your boat had capsized.

22% of you would have saved your MOTHER.

And (na' mase' i asaguå-mo) just 5% of you would have saved your SPOUSE.

Cultural / Psychological Interpretation

According to one theory, we all should have saved our MOTHER.  Why?

If our child had perished, we could always have another child.
If our spouse had perished, we could always marry again.

But we have only one mother.  She's irreplaceable.  And should be saved.  She gave us life.

Which is more Chamorro?

So is it more Chamorro to want to save your mother?  Or your child?

Although in some cultures, mother is the most sacred thing on the planet, most Chamorro people I talk to say, and it shows in this survey, that even mother finds the meaning of her life in giving up her life for the sake of her child.  A capsized mother or father would save the child more than save anyone else.

My response

My response to this survey was with the 72%.  I would save my child.  When I was asked why, I was accused of being very American in my mentality.  Would you agree?

I said I would save my child because my child still has a future to enjoy; whereas my spouse and my mother have had those opportunities.  I was told I was very pragmatic; that everything boils down to practicalities.  And thus very American, and not Chamorro.

But on further reflection, I think my strongest motive for saving my child above anyone else is the fact that I (with my wife) brought the child into the world; I owe that child all the protection and safety I can give.  I am responsible for that child's life.

What do you think?

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