Monday, February 13, 2012


GUAM.  FEBRUARY 8, 1862.  ASIGA (between Inalåhan and Talofofo).

For six days, a boat full of Chamorros, twelve in all, tried to leave Hagåtña for Luta (Rota).  Bad weather constantly impeded their voyage, forcing them to seek shelter in some bay or cove along the northern coast of Guam, or blowing them off-course.  On the night of February 8, the boat had been blown towards the southeast of Guam and hit the reef at Asiga.  The boat broke up, and these unfortunate souls drowned : Francisco de Castro, his wife Manuela de la Cruz, Rosa Cepeda, Crisanto Hocog, Pedro Manglona and Jose Suarez.

Manuela was married to Castro, but the Chamorros at the time followed the Spanish custom of the wife keeping her last name.

Rosa Cepeda had been banished to Luta because of her bad conduct.  La pobre, she ended up dying in the sea instead.

Jose Suarez was just a child, the son of the alcalde (mayor) of Luta.

(P. Aniceto's Chronicle)

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