Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The word "amen" comes to us from the Jewish religion and the Hebrew language.  It means "may it be so," or "truly."  It is used to affirm or agree with the prayer just said, or a statement made.

Some languages have translated "amen" literally and use it at the end of their prayers in place of the word "amen."  So, in Italian, one might hear a prayer concluded with "Cosi sia," meaning "may it be so."  The same thing in French, "Ainsi soit-il."

Pale' Roman translated it "taiguennao mohon."  Taiguennao means "like that."  "Mohon" means "may it be so."  Taiguennao mohon means "may it be so like that," meaning, "as we have just prayed."

In Chamorro, either "amen" or "taiguennao mohon" are appropriate conclusions to prayers.

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