Friday, February 17, 2012


In English, we have the rather plain statement, "I've been hearing," or "Someone told me."

But, in Chamorro, we say "Bengbeng gi talanga-ho," "It buzzes at my ear," like a bee buzzing around the ear.

Bengbeng = to buzz, or hiss.  Talanga = ear.

Påle' Jose in the clip talks about how a man says he's been hearing that the Pope was coming to Guam. 

Or, a man complains to his friend about the price of gas on Guam.

Then his friend says, "Cha'-mo inestototba sa' bengbeng gi talanga-ho na ti apmam para u ma rebåha i presion i gasolina."  "Don't be upset because it's buzzing in my ears that soon they will reduce the price of gas."

If only!  I mohon!

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