Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Guam and Northern Marianas participants at a recent conference on Chamorro medicine

We are all Chamorros, but we are also different.  Saipan Chamorros, Guam, Luta and Tinian.

I am thankful for those differences.  It's a fact of life.  There's no one way of being French, or Japanese or Chamorro.

There are differences among Chamorros right here on Guam; between areas of the island; even within families.

But we are all one people.  We speak the same language.  We come from the same roots.  We basically think and act the same way and have the same basic values.

But I hope the Chamorron Luta never lose their accent.

And I hope the Chamorron Saipan never lose their strong communal singing and their unique customs.

And I hope the Chamorron Tinian keep their island pristine and rich in produce.

And I hope the Chamorron Guam never lose the things that make us unique.

And I hope Guam and the Northern Marianas continue to join forces in cultural things, as they did at this conference on Chamorro medicine.  We don't need to be one political unit in order to experience unity in other areas.

We just need to save enough money to pay for airline tickets from one island to the next!  Other than that, unity is possible.  Unity is imperative!

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  1. i no saipan is better and is going to win. saipan for me i think it's better at anything i'm 4rm saipan but i moved to guam but wen i was there always speaking chamorro and also speak carolinian in there language it's called refaluwasch.... thats all i have to say and also one more thing saipanese are kind and have accsent too and allways say fan or nay n other words they usally say... k bye

    love,sharlei yin.