Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today, the Åmot Conference (Chamorro medicine) went to an herbal farm run by Mr & Mrs Nelson in Dededo.  They call it the Åmot Taotao Tåno' Farm, or the Farm of the Medicine of the People of the Land.

Participants were able to see many differents plants and herbs and hear how they differ; even how they interact.  Some plants don't like to be placed next to certain plants, so Mrs Nelson changes their position.  Suruhånos and suruhånas were there to demonstrate how to use some of these herbs to make local medicine.  But no recordings of these were allowed.

Fermina Blas from Luta shares a little about the medicine she makes for those afflicted with coughing (lo'lo').  She uses håle' måtbas, ka'mang tåse, sibukao and flores ilang ilang.  She dries the ilang ilang flowers first because they are too fragrant when they are fresh.  Then she makes a tea out of the dried flowers. 

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