Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was the first day of a conference about traditional, Chamorro natural medicines; from plants, herbs, roots and the natural environment around us.  It is sponsored by the Håya Foundation with the assistance of the Department of Public Health and Social Services and the Non Communicable Disease Consortium.

There are participants from the Northern Marianas, and some suruhånos/suruhånas and other practitioners.

I gave a talk today about how I lost 70 pounds by switching to a more natural diet based on local produce and fish.  And brought down my cholesterol and blood pressure.

There are two more days left and more information can be obtained by emailing Zita Pangelinan at :

At the bottom right hand corner of this table is my good friend Carmen "Måmme'" Taimañao, originally from Luta but long-time Saipan resident.

The man in the mwarmwar/korona is Manny Borja (familian Tuhu) from Saipan, who recently has done a lot of published research into traditional Chamorro medicine.  Also present from Saipan (but not pictured here) was my other good friend Lino Olopai, who brings his Refaluwasch/Carolinian wisdom to the discussion.  At the table also is Rosanna Barcinas, whom I've known since childhood.  And the guy with the sinahi goes by the name of Mames ("sweet") and he really is because he generously shared with me his supply of mamå'on (betel nut).

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