Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I would have spelled this "Maila' ta fan akubre."

The word kubre means "to cover," and it can also be used for "help" in the same way we say in English, "I'll cover you."  It means that the ones who have will cover the needs of the ones who don't have.

In Chamorro, putting "a" before a verb means to do that action for or to each other.  Guaiya is "to love."  Aguaiya is "to love each other."

Kubre is borrowed from the Spanish cubrir, which means "to cover."

It's interesting that our mañaina didn't change the pronunciation of this one too much, when they did change the pronunciation of cobre, which is Spanish for "copper" and also for "money" since money was often in the form of copper coins in the old days.

In Chamorro, Spanish cobre became kopble.  We don't like the letter R.  It becomes an L.  But that didn't happen with kubre.

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