Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hagåtña.  After the war, late 1940s.

Benediction was traditionally held Sunday afternoons, around 5pm or so.

Three sisters, all in the prime of their youth, left home as was their custom to attend Benediction at the Cathedral.

Or so their mother thought.

Instead, they met up with some men working for Pan Am who had a car.  Off they went on a joy ride.

They made sure to come home around the same time they normally would, had they in fact gone to Benediction.

But somehow the mother knew.  For there she was waiting at the door, with a tångantångan stick in hand.

As each passed her to go inside, the tångantångan stick went across their dågan.  But the mother was so gentle, they couldn't feel it.

One of them said, "Para håfa ennao, Nåna?  Nichuka ti un na' fan puputi hame!"

"Why bother with that, mom?  You're not even hurting us!"

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