Sunday, September 23, 2012


Meggai na kopble

MEGGAI : plenty, many, much, abundant, numerous

Meggai siha.  They are many.

Kao meggai na taotao man måtto?  Did many people come?

Memeggai.  The majority.

I memeggai-ña man gaige trabia gi eskuela.  The majority are still at the school.

Na' meggai.  To increase, multiply.

Si Yu'us ha na' meggai i guinahå-ho.  God increased my wealth.

Mungnga ma na' meggai!  Don't make it too much!

Mineggai.  Abundance.

Na' o'son pot i mineggai kuentos.  It is boring because there is too much talk.

Para håfa ni meggagai?
Why be excessive?  Why make a big deal?

Possible Origin
Påle' Roman thought that meggai is a combination of two words.  Mi (meaning "abundant") and gai (meaning "to have.")

Mi + gai = meggai

This is very plausible, because we see in other Chamorro words how mi becomes me when found in combination.

For example, mefno' ("eloquent") comes from mi + fino' (abundant words or speech).

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