Monday, September 17, 2012


Two men got up at 4AM to go out in their boat to catch atulai (mackerel).  After fishing for a few hours, they stand by the side of the road selling their atulai.  They made $40 and went to the mom and pop store and bought - cans of sardines.

Makmåta dos na taotao gi a las kuåttro gi chatanmak para u hånao gi boten-ñiha ya u fangonne' atulai.  Despues de pumeska unos kuåntos oras, tumohge i dos gi kanton chålan, ma bebende i kinenne'-ñiha atulai.  Mama'tinas i dos kuarenta pesos pues malak i tenda para u famåhan - låtan satdinas.

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