Friday, September 28, 2012


Damoa is a clan of the Mendiolas in Saipan and Luta.  You can see this Damoa decal has the image of Saipan in the latte stone.

But the roots are in Guam.

Jose Arriola Mendiola from Guam moved to Luta and married a girl from Luta, Maria Taimañao.  This would have been in the 1860s.

They had several children, one of them being Vicente Taimañao Mendiola.  He married Vicenta Santos Mendiola from Guam and raised a family in Luta.  But then he moved with his wife and children to Saipan and thus the Damoa clan spread.  Now we have Damoas living on Guam.

It's interesting that both husband and wife were Mendiolas, and had the same first name, though one in masculine and the other in feminine form : Vicente/Vicenta.

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  1. Family of Jose Mendiola and Maria Taimanao:
    01. Vicente Taimanao Mendiola=Vicenta Santos Mendiola
    02. Bernardo Taimanao Mendiola=Vicenta Masga
    03. Carmen Taiamano Mendiola=Vicente Mangloña (Familian Casamayor)
    04. Maria Taimanao Mendiola
    05. Juana Taimanao Mendiola=Juan Masga Atalig (Familian Tugong)
    06. Lorenza Taimanao Mendiola=Porfirio Masga Atalig (Familian Tugong)

    Note: Jose Arriola Mendiola's middle name needs verification due to conflicting information. Some say its Blas.