Sunday, January 8, 2012


Father George from New York is an honorary Chamorro.  Why?

For one, he's lived on Guam since 1965 (I was three years old) and has educated thousands of Chamorro men at Father Dueñas and baptized hundreds of Chamorro babies in Yoña.

Secondly, he feeds the chickens rice every morning and evening.  Just throw it out on the grass.  Notice the opened coconuts, too, so the månnok can eat the coconut meat.

We are taught never to throw away leftovers (sopbla), especially rice.  Instead, feed them to the chickens.  Sinks with an automatic food disposer would never sell in old-time Guam.  We would be shocked, even outraged, to see people dump good sopbla into the disposer, when it can go to feed God's creatures.

In Saipan, I even heard one lady talk about the family dogs as famagu'on (children).  She excused herself and told me she had to go feed the famagu'on.

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