Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I present to you another carol whose lyrics are very much requested by you.

Koro : O Påtgon Belen / in na'e hao dias
sa' hågo si Jesus / yan i Mesias.
(O Child of Bethlehem / we give you greetings
because You are Jesus / and the Messiah.)

I gailanget yan tåno' / dumikkike' gue'
i tehnen i langet / lumadaffe' gue'.  Koro...
(He who owns both heaven and earth / makes Himself small
He who is the strength of heaven / makes Himself weaker.)

Måtfit yan flores rosa / i dos fåsu-ña
ma guaiya ma atan / i ataddok-ña.  Koro...
(Ivory and roses / are His two cheeks
they love to look / at His eyes.)

Hinilat ginefli'e / nu i taotao-ña
kumasao chumålek / gi fanagon-ña.  Koro...
(Overcome with love / of His people
He cries, He laughs / in His shelter.)

Interesting words

Dias : literally means "days," as in Kuåntos dias?  How many days?  But here it is understood that we give the Child Jesus "Buenas Dias," or "Good Morning" greetings.

Tohne : really means a support or a brace.  But here it refers to Christ as the strength of God who supports us.

Daffe' : weak, dull, lifeless

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