Saturday, January 7, 2012


When we end a nobena to the Niño, it is customary to sing this song bidding farewell to Him.  A similar custom exists when ending a nobena to the Blessed Mother, as well.


Adios Påtgon Yu'us yan Sånta Maria,
Rai i man rai siha, adios, adios, adios.
(Farewell, Son of God and Son of Mary,
King of kings, farewell.)

Ennao na ginatbo, pinentan Yu'us
muna' a'abok hit...yan si Jesus.
(That beauty, painted by God
made us friends with Jesus.)

I Lahen Maria, sa' ha guaiya yo'
chume'lo yan guåho...iyon-ña yo'.
(Because He loved me, the Son of Mary
became my brother, I am His.)

Vocabulary Lesson

Rai = King.  From the Spanish rey, which in turns comes from the Latin rex.

Ginatbo = beauty.  Gåtbo means beautiful.  From the Spanish garbo.

Pinenta = painting.  From penta, "to paint."  From the Spanish pintar, "to paint."

Abok = friend.  I posted this term earlier on this blog.

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