Thursday, January 19, 2012


PO'LO : to place, to put, to leave in its place, to set, to arrange, to establish

Po'lo ya guåho.  Leave it to me.

Po'lo guennao. Put it there.

Måno un po'lo?  Where did you put it?

Kao hågo pumo'lo?  Are you the one who put it?

Po'lo!  Leave it be!  Never mind!

Po'lo ya u hånao.  Let him go.

Po'lo gi lista.  Put it on the list.

Siña ma po'lo na ti malago' yo'.  It's possible they will think (literally place) that I don't want to.

Mamo'lo.  Man + po'lo = mamo'lo.

Mamo'lo yo' salåppe' gi lamasa.  I put money on the table.

Hu po'lo i salåppe' gi lamasa.  I put the money on the table.

Pine'lo.  The thing placed, put, set.

Pine'lo-ko na hågo.  I thought (literally placed) that it was you.

Po'lonñaihon.  To put aside for a while.

Båsta ya ta po'lonñaihon ennao.  Enough and let's put that aside for now.

Po'luye.  To put aside for.

Bai hu po'luye hao na'-mo?  Shall I put food aside for you?

In the Tåtan-mame (Our Father)

Ya cha'-mo ham pumopo'lo na in fan basnak gi tentasion.

Literally :
And do not dare to place us that we fall into temptation.

Or :
And do not lead us into temptation.

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