Sunday, January 8, 2012


The "Lost" Child Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple

Once again, the Spanish stand out as having a devotion to Jesus, under the mystery of His remaining three days behind in Jerusalem, without Joseph and Mary's knowledge.  The devotion is present in other Catholic countries of Europe, but not to the extent it is in Spain.

There is even a town named after the Niño Perdido : Alquerías del Niño Perdido (Valencia).

He is the patron saint of Asan, which celebrated its fiesta last weekend.

Asan Church

Since the devotion is virtually unknown in the States, an American Capuchin, new to Guam, made the following mistake.

He saw the list of Mass intentions he was supposed to read out before Mass.  First on the list was "Misan Ånimas," for the departed souls.  Next was "Niño Perdido."  He had never seen that before and thought it was the name of the Mass donor.  Imagine the shock and a few giggles from the older ladies in church when the priest announced "Misan Animas, offered by Niño Perdido."

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