Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Listen to the lyrics and you'll see it's actually a tribute to them!

Boka, video, maigo' / tiningo'-ñiha i fireman
(Eating, video, sleeping / is what the firemen know)
uno gi halom kommon / i otro mulannannan
(one is in the bathroom / the other is snoring)
otro gi lamasa / i otro gi telefon
(another is at the table / the other on the phone)
ya gaige nai i ma'gas-måme na humugågåndo ping pong.
(and our boss is playing ping pong.)

Gi masea måno guato / na ahensian gobietno
(In whatsoever / government agency)
ti siña na un na' fangontento este siha i pupbliko
(you cannot please the public)
ai man machocho ham tolanoche yan retiråda gi sigiente dia
(we work the whole night and don't get off till the next day)
ya boka, video, maigo' i fireman masangån-ña.
(and eating, video and sleeping is what people say about the fireman.)

Mañaina-ho yan mañe'lu-ho / ekkungok yan komprende
(My elders and my brethren / listen and understand)
na masea håfa na desgråsia siempre este siha u fan gaige
(that in whatever calamity these men will be there)
kimason pat aksidente / måtmos pat minalångo
(in fire or accident / drowning or sickness)
para asegura hamyo todos na man gaige mangilisyåno.
(for your safety these people are there.)

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