Monday, January 30, 2012


When you leave the Marianas, the above items are essential to maintaining your sanity.  Pugua', pupulu, åfok, amåska, tiheras pugua' and låta.  Believe it or not, all the above are owned by a Chamorro person living in the U.S.

Tiheras Pugua'
Betelnut Scissors

In the old days, you got these from a local blacksmith, or from Dejima's on Guam and Esco's on Saipan.  Notice the åfok-stained tip.  That's because you can use the point of the tiheras to scoop out åfok from its container.

It used to be Sour Cream

Never throw anything away.  This plastic container makes a great depository of your to'la or spittle.  Just line it with a sandwich bag, as above, and discard the bag.

Pupulu thriving in a secret location far from the Marianas.

One day they're going to grow up to be nice pugua' trees and make some stateside Chamorros very, very happy.

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