Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Guam Memorial Hospital
There is a letter to the editor in today's PDN calling for a change in the name of Guam's only civilian, and troubled, hospital.


The writer isn't sure what "Memorial" refers to, and thinks other names would be more "appropriate" and "meaningful."  I am not sure as to the intent of the writer, who goes on to suggest, as one option, renaming GMH the "Mona Lisa" hospital, taking the idea from the lyrics of that song "Many men have been brought to your door step; they just lie there, and they die there."

Years ago, Tun Frank "Goyo," who had owned the land where the old GMH sat, told me that the civilian hospital built after the war was named "Guam Memorial" to honor the local civilian casualties of World War II.  This was confirmed to me today by former senator Tony Palomo.

Understanding this, I think "Memorial" is very appropriate and full of meaning.

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