Sunday, March 27, 2011


MAGÅHET : true

Kao magåhet hao?  Are you telling the truth?  Are you for real?

Åhe', ti magåhet enao.  No, that isn't true.

Pinite yo' magåhet.  I am truly sorry.

I magåhet na estoria.  The true story.

Yomagåhet.  A truthful person, honest, veracious.

Bai hu hongge si Maria, sa' yomagåhet gue' na palao'an.  I will believe Mary, because she is a truthful woman.

Minagåhet.  The truth.

I minagåhet ha' hu espipia.  I am only looking for the truth.

Scripture : "Guåho i chalan, i minagåhet yan i lina'la'."  (Juan 14:6)

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