Monday, March 21, 2011


(Try this : each day focus on one word and repeat it all day long.  Use the word in its different forms.  Even when you speak in English, use the Chamorro word in the English sentence.  Challenge family members to use the word all day long.  Using this method, I think the word will stick like cooked rice to the pot.)

DAGE : to lie (as in falsehood), to deceive.

Ha dage yo'.  S/he lied to me.

Cha'-mo dinadage nu enao. Don't be deceived by that.

Mandage yo'.  I lied.

I mandadage na minagof i tano' siha.  The false pleasures of the world.

Dinage.  Lie or lies.

Ha sångan todo klåsen dinage.  S/he told all kinds of lies.

Dagiyon.  Easily deceived.

Dagiyon hao na taotao.  You are easily deceived.

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