Tuesday, March 22, 2011


CHOCHO : to eat.

This is a word where the glota ( ' ) makes a difference.  You don't want the glota in this one.  Putting a glota here after both syllables changes the meaning completely.  Cho'cho' means work, or to work.  You can cho'cho' when you've gotten the energy to do it after you chocho.

Kao malago' hao chumocho? Do you want to eat?
Åhe', esta monhåyan yo' chumocho.  No, I already ate.
Fañocho!  Eat! (to several or more people)

I checho.  The meal.
Kaiha' måkpo i checho.  The meal was barely finished.

Ga' chumocho.  Someone who loves to eat.  Perhaps a glutton.

Na' chocho. To give someone something to eat.
Na' chocho i patgon sa' ñålang.  Give the child something to eat because s/he's hungry.

Fañochuyan.  A place where people eat.  Fan+chocho+yan = fañochuyan.

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