Sunday, March 20, 2011


ÑÅLANG : hungry.  A good word for Lent, as we're supposed to be fasting (some) this time of year.

Ñålang yo'. I am hungry.

Kao ñålang hao?  Are you hungry?

Ñålang i patgon.  The child is hungry.

Måtai ñålang.  To die of hunger.

Niñalang.  Hunger.

Hañalang.  Frequently hungry.

Historical Use : In the old Chamorro hymn "O Señora Nånan-måme," there is a line "Chomma' Nånan mina'åse' i pakyo yan i niñalang."  Forbid, Mother of Mercy, typhoons and hunger.

Proverb : Puti ñålang, puti håspok.  It's painful to be hungry, it's painful to be full.  Especially the way many of us eat!  Perhaps this saying is a plea for moderation in eating.

Scripture : "Annai ñålang yo', en na' chocho yo'."  "When I was hungry, you fed me." (Matthew 25:35)

Antonym : Håspok (full, satiated)

Synonym : Ambiento, ambriento, hambiento, hambriento.  From the Spanish "hambriento," meaning "hungry."  The Chamorro word "ambiento" has come to mean more nowadays "greedy," "gluttonous" or "avaricious" rather than simply "hungry."

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