Wednesday, March 30, 2011


TÅNE' - to be busy/occupied with, to be distracted by.  It can also mean "to be entertained with/by" though it's getting rarer and rarer to hear it used with this meaning nowadays.

I famaguon tumåtåne' yo'.  The children are keeping me busy.

Tåya' tinane'-ña.  He has nothing to do/to keep him busy.

Guiya tåne'-mo.  He is the one keeping you busy/entertained/distracted.

Kao tinatane' hao?  Are you busy?

Ha tåne' yo' i che'cho'-ho gi eskuela.  My work at school is keeping me busy/occupied.

Taitai i lepblo pot para u guåha tåne'-mo.  Read the book so you'll have something to do.

Tinane' = work, occupation, entertainment.  Påle' Roman also says it can mean "relief," as in relief from hunger, boredom, idleness since "tåne'" can also mean "distraction."  "Tinane'" can be a relief from those things since food distracts one from hunger, sports from boredom, work from idleness and so on.

Guåha tinane'-ho gi gima'yu'us.  I have something to do at church.

Mi tinane' yo'.  I have a lot of responsibilities/work/obligations/errands.

Here's an interesting twist on the word "tåne'."

Used in the form "tuminane'," it means one is "occupied in answering the call of nature."

Jose : Mångge si Kiko? (Where is Kiko?)
Maria : Må'pos tuminane' gi halom tåno'.  (He's occupied in the jungle.)

I have seen a sign on Guam over a public restroom FANTINANIAN.

I wonder what some language experts might say if this ought to be FANTUMINANIAN, since the construct would be :


Påle' Roman says FANTANIAN is a "place of entertainment, relaxation, amusement, diversion."  That would make sense because the construct there would :


There is a difference between TÅNE' and TUMINANE'.

Anyway, I have to go, sa' bula tinane'-ho!

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