Saturday, March 26, 2011


KÅNTA : to sing; it can also mean "song"

Taken from the Spanish word "cantar," or "to sing."

Kumånta yo'  I sang.

Kumåkånta yo'.  I am singing.

Bai hu kånta.  I will sing.

Ti man malago' mangånta.  They don't want to sing.

Kånta, pot fabot!  Please sing!

Bonito na kånta.  A beautiful song.

Kantåye.  To sing to, to sing for.

Bai hu kantåye hao.  I will sing to you.

Kantåye ham!  Sing for us!

Synonym : Lalai (an indigenous word)

"Kånta, kånta kompañero / kånta todo i tiningo'-mo / sa' anggen guåho hao kumantåye / hu na' milalak lago'-mo!"  (Kåntan Chamorrita)

"Sing, sing my friend;
sing all that you know;
because if I sing to you;
I will make your tears flow."

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  1. I'm finding my Stateside born husband is venturing more and more into our language using words learned from your site.
    We really enjoy the Chamorro lessons.