Thursday, March 1, 2012


MÅNGLO' : wind

It's been windy lately, no? 

Tåya' månglo'.  There's no wind.

Metgot na månglo'.  Strong wind.

Måmånglo' i tase.  The sea is windswept.

Påchot månglo'.  The direction from which the wind comes.  Literally, the "mouth of the wind."

O'månglo'.  To look for the wind, as in to aerate something.

Minanglo'.  Aerated, full of wind. 

Minanglo' yo'.  I am gassy.

Na' minanglo' i kuåtto.  Aerate the room.

Mount Humuyong Månglo'
South of Mount Lamlam is Mount Humuyong Månglo', where the crosses are erected every Good Friday.  It means "Where the wind exits," or "where the wind originates."  Some older maps might spell it "Humullong Månglo'" because, in Spanish, LL has the same value as Y.  Like Acfalle or Aflleje.

Mangloña and Taimanglo

In Luta, there is the Mangloña family.  The name can mean "his or her wind," or "windier."  In Guam there is the Taimanglo family.  That name means "without wind."  If a Mangloña married a Taimanglo, opposites truly attract.

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