Sunday, May 22, 2011


MALAGO' = want

Håfa malago'-mo?  What do you want?

Malago' yo' gumimen.  I want to drink.

Manmalago' siha manhålom.  They want to come in.

Måno i malago'-mo.  As you want it.

Ti malago'.  S/he doesn't want.

Minalago'.  Will, desire.

Taimano i minalago'-mo.  According to your will.

Na' malago'.  To make want.

Un na' malago' yo' chumocho.  You made me want to eat.

An idiomatic use of the word malago' involves a rebuke of someone's unjustified or unreasonable desire or will.  If someone asks or wants something judged to be unjustified or unreasonable, one can simply say "Malago'-mo!" to the person asking, or "Malago'-ña!" about the person asking.

Juan : Måma, ilek-ña si Jose na debi di un nå'e gue' ni yaben kareta. (Mom, Jose says you have to give him the car keys).

Måma : Malago'-ña!  (So says he! Whatever!)

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