Wednesday, May 11, 2011


HUCHOM : close

Huchom i bentåna!  Close the window!

Ti siña ma huchom.  It cannot be closed.

Ma huchom i tenda.  The store is closed.

Måtchom.  A contraction of "ma huchom." 

Måtchom i atdao.  The sun is set (literally, "closed.")

I minatchom i atdao.  The sunset.

If we had our own version of Los Angeles' "Sunset Boulevard, " it would be "Chålan Minatchom Atdao."

Huchume.  To close to/for someone.

Bai huchume hao?  Shall I close it for you?

Huchom kåtta.  Envelope.  Literally, "what closes a letter." 

More common in the past, however, was the Spanish word for "envelope," which is "sobre."  More common today is simply the English word "envelope."

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